Your exterior cladding repair and installation professionals in Outaouais

At Les Revêtement AJS, we offer a outdoor cladding repair and installation service for the residential and commercial sector. Exterior cladding protects your home and your business against inclemency while adding cachet. We take the time and care to perform efficient and durable installations and repairs.

Call for the best for your exterior cladding by choosing our services

Exterior cladding plays a key role in protecting your home and business from weather and wear. Call for the best for your exterior cladding by entrusting the repair and installation to our company that possess more than 10 years of experience.

Would you like to rethink the exterior design of your home or business? Replace your outdoor cladding for a whole new wow effect!

At Les Revêtement AJS, we want to offer a complete service that meet your needs. For this reason, we are trained to master the installation and repair of the following types of coatings:

Maibec wood

Les Revêtement AJS is offering you more!

In addition to be a company that possess a recognized expertise in exterior cladding repair and installation since more than 10 years, Les Revêtements AJS always offering you more! We also provide those services:
Caulking for commercial building
House caulking
Installation of soffit and fascia
Repair of soffit and fascia
Entrust all your exterior cladding works to our company to benefit from competitive prices and a high-quality work.

10 years of expertise in installation and repair of exterior cladding at the service of quality

Our company Les Revêtements AJS is above all composed of a team passionate about its profession. We always make sure that the work is done well and that work on your exterior cladding lasts long time. We are proud to put our 10 years of experience at the service of quality.

Always trust a recognized company in Quebec. All our contractors follow the law of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and are transparent in their work. We guarantee you a service without any hidden costs that meets high quality standards.

We build relationships with our customers by providing quality service and taking care to respect each request.

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All our contractors at Les Revêtements AJS move everywhere in Outaouais area to repair and install your exterior cladding. Whether you are from commercial or residential sector, you can count on the 10 years’ experience of our business. Contact us now to talk to our experts and request a quote.